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APRIL 11, 2015

Hilton Washington D.C./ Rockville
Rockville, MD

MAY 2, 2015
Radisson Hotel
North Baltimore
Timonium, MD

Tysons Corner Marriott
Tysons Corner, MD

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D.J.L's Media Services

D.J.L's Media Services



World of Possibilities
Spring 2013 Expo

MAY 17 & 18, 2013
Friday: 9am - 4pm
Saturday: 11am - 4pm

Maryland State Fairgrounds
2200 York Rd.
Timonium, MD 21093

World of Possibilities Movie >>>


The Amazing Baby & Child Expo

Caring Communities
Charm City Countdown

Join us for the Best
New Years Eve Event in Town

Now in TWO Locations:
Sheraton Baltimore North,
903 Dulaney Valley Road
Towson, MD
December 31, 2012
9:00pm - 2:00am

1840s Ballroom
29 Front St.
Baltimore, MD
December 31, 2012
9:00pm - 2:00am

Our NYE events help continue Caring Communities' mission. BOTH events are the best all-inclusive parties in town!

An Adults Only 21+ Event!

>>For more information or to buy tickets CLICK HERE to Visit our
Charm City Countdown Website!



Caring Communities
Board of Directors:

Jay Freedman, MBA           
Mona Freedman, RN
Executive Director, VP
Doug Smith, CPA
Betty Snyder
Robert Holt
Joyce Plaxen
Robert Klein




Caring Communities Offers...

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World of Possibilities Expos

Caring Communities presents the largest and most anticipated disABILITIES, Healthy Aging and Independent Living Events in Maryland & Virginia. WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES Expos are dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with disabilities, their families and caregivers, as well as health care and education professionals. Each Expo will provide an opportunity for attendees to explore a vast array of products and services such as: assistive and adaptive technology, durable medical equipment, computer software, mobility products, living aids and more all conveniently displayed to see, touch, and compare in a "one-stop shopping" experience. This will give individuals who do not typically have easy access to comparison shopping a hands-on opportunity to try devices and speak directly to equipment representatives about the products, services and resources.

World of Possibilities Magazine

Caring Communities introduces the freshest, most exciting disabilities magazine anywhere. World of Possibilities magazine offers:

Informative content including local issues and disability-related features, disability-related equipment, products and goods for children and adults, their families and service providers. Features such as health, employment, technology, education, sports, travel, universal design, mental health, accessibility (parks/restaurants- rating), diversity, humor, transportation/mobility, housing, women’s health, respite, self advocacy, self determination, inclusion, waivers, legislation, agency highlights, sibling issues, transition, safety and more! Visually exciting, user-friendly format Editorial contributors include individuals with disabilities, family members, industry experts and service providers.

Quality Respite Care Training

Respite Care: Temporary care that relieves the family members of the daily responsibilities of caring for a child or adult who has a disability; a service that allows the caregiver(s) to take a break

Caring Teens
Caring Teens is an interactive hands-on training especially designed for students aged 14 -17 who would like to provide respite care for children who have mild to moderate disabilities. For information about the Caring Teens Curriculum Click here

Respite Cares!
The Respite Cares! respite care training program is designed for adults interested in providing respite care services for families of children who have disabilities.

Training topics for both programs include: Role and responsibility of the provider, Disability information and awareness, Communication issues, Behavior management, Safety, Seizures, Assistive/adaptive equipment and much much more! These 12-hour programs, presented over two days, prepare respite care providers to offer first-rate care for children who have disabilities.

Registry of Respite Care Providers

The Caring Network
We are in the process of acquiring funding to offer the Caring Network in Maryland.

Respite Workbook

About Our Family

Families in Maryland can receive the About Our Family booklet for $10 incuding shipping. This handy guide, when completed, will include all the practical everyday information about the child. The use of this booklet will allow parents to feel more secure while using respite care services, and will assist the provider to meet the needs of the child.


The Caring Kit

A complete agency in a box. The Caring Kit is everything you need to start your own community-based respite care training program. Learn how to recruit participants, administer your own respite care training program and manage a registry of trained providers.

Contact us for more information!

Living in a World of Possibilities Book

Dear Friends,

Your words could help make a difference in the lives of thousands! Please help us to write our book, Living in a World of Possibilities. 

A book that is written by you and for you!

Living in a World of Possibilities is a compilation of words of wisdom, tips, helpful advice and feelings from the disabilities community. If you are a person who has a disability, a parent or caretaker, a sibling or service provider, we would like your quote, statement or article to be featured in our exciting new book. 

We are anticipating premiering, Living in a World of Possibilities soon.

This book is so exciting. This will make a nice companion to the World of Possibilities Disabilities Expo and a way to get your wonderful, inspirational and motivational words out to assist individuals who are living with challenging issues. I am also expecting this to also be a great disability awareness effort. Incidentally, I can't wait to share the story with the world about my daughter's business success and sweet love story about her and her soulmate who also has a disability. 

Thank you for your interest in submitting a short one-page story (approx. 500 words) or tips, words of wisdom etc. for Living in a World of Possibilities book. We will make every attempt to use your material, but I will not be able to make any promises that it will appear in the first publication, subsequent ones or the website/blog. I will collect as many as much content and REALLY try to use it eventually.  Please remember that you may see your material in the next edition or in future and upcoming publications. We would appreciate a picture, drawing or suggestion for an image to accompany your submission.
This book will have something for everyone. It is written in a very user-friendly and easy-read format (like a compilation/Chicken Soup for the Soul style). All submissions must be "short and sweet" so we will be able to include as much as possible on the website and in print. Longer and more complex stories will be saved and possibly used on our website or magazine, as we continue to develop it.
GUIDELINES, The Article Should Be:

  • Educational - You should be writing about a subject that most readers may not be educated about.
  • Informative - The article must convey information that the reader can use apart from hiring any particular vendor or product.
  • Objective - The material may not be self-serving and may NOT be about your company or its services. If you are a company (and not an individual with a disability, family member or service provider), we WILL give you a by line and list your name and/or reference your company.
  • Submitted electronically
  • Approx. 500 words

Tell your story in a way that will make the reader cry, laugh or get that "feel good feeling". Remember the the theme of the book-Living in a World of Possibilities. If your story starts out with a problem, issue or situation, it should end positive note or a lesson learned. Let your story be from the heart. 

Milestone Media Group, Inc. and Caring Communities reserves the right to edit all submitted articles and has the non-exclusive right to publish your work in Living in a World of Possibilities. By submitting an article to us, you agree to let us use the article not only in Living in a World of Possibilities, but any other appropriate publication of Milestone Media Group and Caring Communities. You, however, retain the copyright in your work and are free to reuse it in any way you want.
Thank you again!
Mona Freedman

Contact us for more information!

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